**Important**Beginning July 1, 2019, all bills for current students will be posted online only. No paper statements will be issued to current students.

Each time you receive an eBill notification, review your bill to verify that your name, address, charges and credits are correct.

STUDENT ID: DelVal-assigned student identification number.

STATEMENT DATE: Date that the bill is issued. The statement will include all activity between the Balance Forward date and the Statement Date. If a transaction occurs after the bill is issued, it will not be included on the statement.

TRANSACTION DATE: Effective date of each term-specific transaction is listed on the bill, including tuition, academic fees, and credits to the account. (For miscellaneous charges such as library fines, the transaction date will reflect the start date of the term during which the charge was incurred, not the actual date that the charge was assessed.)

TERM: Term to which each transaction is assigned. "2019/FL" refers to the 2019 Fall term. (Miscellaneous charges such as library fines are not applied to a specific academic term and will be listed instead in a miscellaneous term such as "MSC19FL")

BALANCE FORWARD: Balance on account before Statement Date, if any.

TOTAL AMOUNT DUE: Difference between charges and applied and pending credits on the bill. This is the amount due to DelVal based on the activity included on the bill. If the amount is negative, it may indicate eligiblity for a refund. For information on refund eligibility, go to our Refunds webpage.


Full-Time Tuition: Per term for 12 to 19 credits. (Important:  If your statement includes part-time day tuition rather than full-time tuition, your statement will be incomplete until you register for at least 12 credits.)

Tuition Overload Fee: Per credit in excess of 19 for student registered for more than 19 credits.

Comprehensive Fee: Per term. Encompasses a variety of student services, including but not limited to technology, facilities, and student health and counseling services.

Student Activity Fee: Per term. Supports extracurricular activities for all students.

Contingency Deposit: One-time deposit for new students. Guarantees payment for any penalties assessed after you leave DelVal.

Distance Education fee: Per online course.

Independent Study Fee: Per credit for student approved for Independent Study course.

Equine Fee: Per term for full-time student enrolled in Equine Business or Equine Instruction programs.

Equine Course Fee: Per credit for student not charged Equine Fee but enrolled in certain equine courses.

Medical insurance: Cost of student health plan for all first-time full-time undergraduate students who do not already have insurance. Pre-billed to each student account. In order for the charge to be removed, the student must complete an online waiver before the published deadline. For information on waiving or enrolling in the health insurance, see our Health Insurance Waiver/Enrollment webpage.

Residence Hall:  For on-campus residents.

Single Occupancy Surcharge: Per term for single occupancy room assignment.

Meal Plan:  Required for resident students. Optional for commuters.

Miscellaneous charges:

  • Fall and/or spring late fees: For failure to make satisfactory financial arrangements by July 31 for the fall term and/or by December 15 for the spring term.
  • Library fees:  For unreturned materials or printing.
  • Locksmith recore fees: For loss of room key.
  • PO key fees:  For failure to return campus post office box key.
  • Prescription, lab, other Health Center fees:  For medication and other services provided by the Health Center.
  • Room damage, excessive housekeeping, other residence hall fines:  For damage to room or furniture discovered during room inspection.
  • Returned payment or insufficient funds fees:  If check or online payment is returned by the bank for any reason.
  • Traffic fines:  Penalty for parking or other traffic violation that has not been paid to the Office of Public Safety.
  • Unreturned rental textbook fees: Difference between rental fee and replacement cost of book for rental textbook not returned by deadline.
  • Unreturned athletic equipment fees:  If athletic equipment was not returned in good condition to the equipment manager in the athletic department.


Credits on your eStatement may include some or all of the following:

  • Tuition payments: Cash, check, or online payments or payment  plan installments.
  • Financial aid (scholarships, grants, loans, and other types of aid): Some types of aid on the statement may already be applied to your account. For questions about the financial aid that has been disbursed to your account, contact the Office of Financial Aid at finaid@delval.edu or 215.489.2272.
  • Matriculation payments made by new students will be listed as a "Deposit Allocation."


This section of the tuition statement shows all aid that has not yet been disbursed to your account but is estimated to be disbursed at a future date. For information on pending financial aid, contact the Office of Financial Aid at finaid@delval.edu or 215.489.2272.


For information on the payment methods that are accepted by our office, visit our How to Pay Your Bill webpage.