You feel called to help others: Earn Your Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology

DelVal’s master’s degree in counseling psychology can shape your passion for others by giving you the knowledge, skill and experience to prepare for licensure and move into this challenging and rewarding profession. The M.A. in counseling psychology prepares culturally competent practitioners to work in the mental health field by engaging in counseling, outreach and advocacy. 

Students specialize in one of these tracks:

  • Child and Adolescent Counseling--work with children and families across the lifespan with a focus on human development, assessment and intervention
  • Social Justice Community Counseling--work with adults and families, including traditionally marginalized groups, with a focus on facilitating systemic change via social justice initiatives, client advocacy and competent multicultural counseling

The program is small and personal. Some of our program’s strengths include:

  • Small classes that allow for personal and professional feedback and skill development
  • Supportive community atmosphere that facilitates growth and learning. Cohort structure and peer mentoring program connects new students with more advanced students
  • State of the art counseling psychology lab allows you to learn practical skills in a dynamic and practical environment
  • Faculty are actively engaged in clinical practice and research that informs their teaching
  • Close relationships with faculty members and opportunities to collaborate on research projects. Students attend conferences and workshops in order to network and expand professional development
  • Individual consultation with the program’s clinical coordinator to help students develop practicum and internship placement and development plan.
  • Attention to self-care and students’ well-being to ensure ethical and practical development
  • Opportunity to take the National Counselor Exam (NCE) on campus in your final year and prior to graduation.

Admission is once per year in the fall semester only, and it is not too late to apply for fall 2017.

Your time is now at DelVal.