One of DelVal's core values as an educational community is to respect all people. That not only means treating everyone with equal care and dignity, but also doing our best to ensure that any member of our community can participate in his or her chosen academic and extra-curricular pursuits.

Making Campus Accessible

Part of our on-going commitment is to make our facilities accessible to people with disabilities. We constantly review ways to improve and install ADA-compliant features (e.g., doors, ramps, etc.) as needed.

Making Academic and Student Life Activities Accessible

DelVal's Learning Support Services (LSS) is a support system for assuring students with disabilities reasonable accommodations and equal access to the university's educational programs and activities. Supports include:

  • extended time on tests
  • test proctoring in an individual setting
  • computers for word processing
  • classroom note-takers
  • tape recording for lectures
  • consultation on study strategies
  • reduced class loads
  • assistive technology
  • interpreter services
  • private residence hall room
  • private bathroom
  • air conditioning
  • service animals
  • emotional support animals
  • other accommodations as determined by the disability

Requesting Accommodation

All requests for disability accommodation are reviewed on a case-by-case basis through an interactive and individualized process. All requests must be accompanied by supporting documentation from a qualified professional that demonstrates the limitations of the disability and the nexus to the requested accommodation.  Students requesting accommodation for a disability must complete the Request for Disability Accommodation form, which includes appendicies that outline the documentation requirements for qualified professionals.  Students requesting accommodation are urged to submit requests as soon as possible, as the review process can take several weeks.  

Request for Disability Accommodation form