Track 1: The Incubator at Burkhart Hall
A Place to Innovate

Entrepreneurs will submit ideas for acceptance to an evaluation committee, consisting of faculty and SCORE members familiar with the Business Sector involved. The decision to accept or reject will be based on initial market research indicating positive demand, a fit for DelVal’s resources and candidate interview.

Those accepted will receive support and guidance while at the SBEC and prior to commercialization. Upon “graduating” from the incubator, clients become BSC alumni, eligible for continued mentoring and encouraged to support the program by mentoring others.

Track 2: Support of Existing Small Businesses
Growth and Sustainability

For those local small businesses seeking growth, the SBEC will initially consult with the candidate regarding the state of the business, conduct an internal/external review and suggest alternative courses of action. Upon agreement, the team will work with the candidate, faculty and staff to implement programs such as revising business plans, customer outreach, e-marketing, market expansion and others. As SBEC alumni, they remain eligible for continued support, as needed, and are encouraged to support the program by mentoring others.