The 21st century has evolved, as a consequence of technology and globalization, to a more dynamic business environment. Globalization generates more and varied competition, creating the need for greater cost control, creativity and innovation than mere technology and outsourcing can provide.

Management hierarchies are being replaced by flatter organizations, eliminating millions of middle-income jobs. Technology continues to replace conventional jobs. With fewer positions available, those individuals seeking success and fulfillment, must be able to think, act and operate differently, creating a competitive advantage that sets them apart from others.

Mentoring entrepreneurs and small business owners, whether students or community members, providing hands-on experiences in developing ideas into commercialized reality, building struggling small business into a stronger, more sustainable ones create that competitive advantage. 

Through mentoring, individuals think through problems and challenges, understanding that failure is not the end, but a learning experience. Through mentoring, individuals look for new, unique solutions, reducing risks of starting or building a business. Through mentoring, individuals gain the confidence to succeed.

Why here? Delaware Valley University and its partners are uniquely qualified to mentor and teach students and community members how to successfully engage the realities of the 21st century business environment.

Why Now? Studies show businesses accelerated by incubators improve their five-year survival rate from 30 percent to 87 percent.*

* “Technology Business Incubation Strategy for SME Development,” Science and Technology, vol. 2, no. 6, 2012