You can reset your password by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del on a DelVal Windows computer, when on-campus, and then selecting 'Change a password' or by visiting Office 365 and clicking 'Can't access your account?' when you are off-campus or when using a DelVal Apple computer.

Your password must meet the following password complexity requirements:

  • The password cannot be a previous password
  • Students: A minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 16 characters
  • Faculty/Staff: A minimum of 12 characters and a maximum of 16 characters
  • Strong passwords only: Requires three out of the four of the following:
    • Lowercase characters
    • Uppercase characters
    • Numbers (0-9)
    • At least one of the allowed characters: @ # $ % ^ & * - _ ! + = [ ] { } | \ : ‘ , . ? / ` ~ “ ( ) ;
  • The password must not contain what Microsoft considers to be a 'common word'. If you attempt to use a common word, you'll likely receive an error stating that your password needs to be more difficult to guess.

We recommend replacing certain letters with numbers or alternate characters.

Example: Instead of using GoAggies1896 try using something like G0@ggi3$1896

The links below can be used to manage your Office 365/DelVal account password and security questions.

Forgot Password

Change Password (Expired Passwords)

Change Additional Account Information for Password Resets (Reset security questions, etc...)