Delaware Valley University has partnered with Apogee to manage the in-room network, wireless and television experience. Please note that you will periodically see communications from Apogee. These communications will often reference MyResNet, which is the Apogee residence hall service.

 If you are living on campus, this will affect you in the following ways:

  • Apogee will be upgrading the entire residence hall wireless and wired networks to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Resident students will need to create a MyResNet account. This is separate from your regular DelVal accounts.
  • All devices will need to be registered to your MyResNet account.
  • Each resident student will be able to have 7 devices on the network and will have a connection speed of 50Mbps. This is a significant increase over last year. Optionally, this service can be increased to 100Mbps for an additional per semester fee.
  • Residents will have a 24/7 number to call when experiencing network or television problems in residence halls.
  • Gaming consoles will now be able to connect to all services and multiplayer gaming will now work.
  • Your TV service will also be upgraded to an all-digital system which will improve the picture in your room and significantly increase the number of digital channels you receive.
  • Some residents may need to purchase a QAM tuner if your TV is not capable of receiving this type of signal. This should not affect most TVs.
  • When in areas outside of the residence halls, you will need to use your regular network credentials to connect to campus wireless networks.

You can learn more details about MyResNet and you can create your account by going to