Federal Work Study

This need-based financial aid program grants students a part-time on campus job to help pay for educational expenses. If you are awarded Federal Work Study as a part of your financial aid package, you will have several steps to follow to secure your position. The first is to begin working on a resume. Resumes should be kept to one page and include relevant work or volunteer experience, extracurricular activities, and contact information. Incoming high school seniors who need assistance in developing a resume should reach out to their high school guidance counselor or an English and language arts teacher. You will need 5 copies of this resume when you arrive for Welcome Weekend. You will also need to bring a completed New Hire Packet with you to Welcome Weekend. You will receive this packet over the summer with detailed instructions.

During Welcome Weekend you will attend a work study placement fair. This fair is designed to give you an opportunity to meet with potential student employee supervisors to discuss their department and job responsibilities. You will be permitted to have up to 5 of these supervisors pre-approve you for their department. An official placement will be determined by the Office of Financial Aid based on both the student and supervisor preferences. This placement will be sent to you within the first week of class. It is your responsibility to contact your assigned supervisor within the first week of class to establish a work schedule. Students who miss the fair and/or do not contact their supervisor will forfeit their work study assignment.

General information about federal work study can be found here.

Campus Employment

Delaware Valley University also employs students through the Campus Employment program in 45 departments across campus. Students do not need to demonstrate financial need to qualify for this program. If you are a Delaware Valley University student interested in working on campus, please complete the Student Employment Application which can be found in the “Apply Now” section of this page. Only full-time undergraduate students are eligible for the program. You must also attach a resume. Current students who need assistance with writing a resume should reach out to the Center for Student Professional Development. Incoming high school seniors should reach out to their high school guidance counselor or an English and language arts teacher.

Students who have not worked on campus before but would like to be considered for employment should complete the Student Employment Application.

Summer Employment

Summer Employment is only available to students who will be registered full time for the following fall semester (prior to the end of finals week) and who are financially current with the university.

Summer employees are eligible for free summer housing. However, you must pay the taxes on this benefit. For more information please contact Arianna Mears, Student Employment Coordinator.

For questions please feel free to contact our student employment coordinator:

Arianna E. Mears

Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Student Employment Coordinator

Office of Financial Aid