A Merit Scholarship is a financial award given by Delaware Valley University to a student in recognition of his or her academic achievements. Use the chart below to find out just how much you might be eligible to receive, and read the Disclaimer Statement at the bottom of this page.

For Freshmen

Your Scores (SAT & Cumulative GPA)* Your Award**
SAT 1360+ (or equivalent ACT 29)* and GPA 3.75+ $25,000 Presidential Scholarship

SAT 1270+ (or equivalent ACT 27)* and GPA 3.5+

$23,000 Presidential Scholarship
SAT 1170+ (or equivalent ACT 24)* and GPA 3.25+ $22,000 Faculty Scholarship
SAT 1080+ (or equivalent ACT 22)* GPA 2.75+
OR SAT 980+ (or equivalent ACT 19)* GPA 3.25+
$21,000 Board of Trustees Scholarship

Note: If you have a different combination of SAT and GPA scores, we encourage you to contact the admission office to identify the award for which you qualify.

*SAT scores are calculated using the total SAT score, combined evidence based reading/writing and math sections of the SAT and/or composite score of the ACT.

If you are unsure of your official cumulative GPA, you should contact your high school guidance counselor for this information.

For Transfer Students

  Presidential Scholarship Faculty Scholarship Board of Trustees Scholarship Challenge Grant
GPA 3.5 to 4.0 3.0 to 3.49 2.5 to 2.99 2.0 to 2.49
Merit Award** $21,000 $19,000 $17,000 $15,000

Important Note About Your SAT Score
If you took the new SAT exam, enter your SAT score as the sum of your Critical Reading and Math scores only. If you took the SAT exam prior to March 2005, enter as your SAT score the sum of your Verbal and Math score.

Delaware Valley University participates in all federal and state loan and grant programs for which you may be eligible regardless of the scholarship above.

**The scholarship stays the same every year, as long as you maintain a specific GPA at Del Val (varies based on scholarship) 


Disclaimer Statement
The information provided by this Merit Scholarship chart is not a guarantee of merit aid. To receive a guarantee of your merit scholarship, you must apply for admission and submit an official transcript and an official report of your SAT scores (the SAT scores may be sent directly to us or may be a part of your official transcript). This chart is only as accurate as the information you provide. While the merit scholarship information is current for this academic year, it is subject to change from each academic year.

More Information

Delaware Valley University provides a top-tier private education at an affordable price. In fact, making a DelVal education possible is one of our foremost goals: last year, we offered over $20 million in aid to our students.

We review student credentials on an individual basis to maximize the Financial Aid you can receive. Delaware Valley University typically places more consideration on high-school GPA than on an SAT score. While we consider SAT scores important, we feel that a GPA offers a better measure of student achievement during their four years of high school.

You may also be eligible for other forms of need-based aid, including grants, Federal Family Education loans and campus employment. Information about these and other forms of financial aid can be found in the Financial Aid section of this site.

Upon acceptance, new students are required to pay a $200 matriculation deposit. In addition, new students who will be living on campus are required to pay a $200 room-reservation deposit.