Money does not have to be an obstacle to your achievements. You can easily apply for a Federal Direct Student Loan or a Federal Direct PLUS loan through the Department of Education or an Alternative Loan through a private lender to cover the cost of education.  Delaware Valley University also has payment plans through the Bursar’s office.  You may choose to use one of these options or you can combine the options to fit your education needs.

Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loan

This is a loan in the student's name and will be indicated on the financial aid award letter as a Federal Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loan.  Always borrow the maximum through this program first before other loan programs.


Federal Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) 

Parents can borrow up to the Cost Of Attendance (COA) for the year minus the student’s other financial resources.  COA includes the direct cost of tuition, room, board and fees, plus an allowance for books and personal expenses.  This allowance for books and personal expenses is determined by the university and the parent cannot exceed the amount listed.  PLUS loan fees may be included in the COA.  Click here for more information about this loan and how to apply. 


Alternative Loans - Parent and Student

  • Student Private loans with a co-signer.
  • Parent or sponsor Private loans


How much should I expect to pay?

Please use the tool below to estimate your total costs for the academic year:

Freshman Cost Estimate Calculator


Payment Plans

Our Bursar's Office offers a number of payment plans.



Please contact the Office of Financial Aid if you have any questions. We can be reached at 215.489.2272 or email We are here to help you!