During your first year at DelVal, you will take a first-year experience course that will prepare you for the program and assist in your professional development. After that, a variety of opportunities are available to you.

  1. Each academic department has outlined requirements by major. Check out your academic department’s E360 Requirements.
  2. View the E360 Activities page for more information on each activity’s registration process and policies. Unsure of what activities you should complete? Look at your department's requirements, talk to your academic advisor or Chair and come see us in the CSPD.
  3. For overall policies and information about the program - read the E360 Resource Book.
  4. Looking for a position? Be sure to review our Job Posting/Company Verification Disclaimer as part of your E360 activity search process. Then view ExperienceLink and other websites for open positions, attend our job and internship fairs and networking events and make an appointment with an experiential learning advisor in the CSPD. 
  5. Register your experiential learning activity at ExperienceLink - check your student email for detailed information such as step-by-step directions and deadlines.

Questions? View the Frequently Asked Questions