E360 Activity Registration

The DelVal Experience Transcript


What is the Experience360 Program (formerly Experiential Learning Program) and why is it a requirement?

Delaware Valley College recognizes the importance of integrating hands-on practical experience with classroom instruction.  The Experience360 Program (E360) provides active, hands-on applied experiences tied to specific academic objectives and outcomes as a requirement for graduation. It provides students with the opportunity to participate in real-world activities as a basis for learning and to develop specific career goals and aspirations. In the E360, students will:

  • Be actively involved in the experience;
  • Reflect on the knowledge gained from the experience;
  • Use analytic skills to conceptualize the experience;
  • Demonstrate decision making and problem solving skills gained from the experience

Each academic department has their own outlined requirements by major. Be sure you are aware of the program requirements of your specific major, available on your program evaluation or each department’s website.



I heard that there is an Employment Program in which you complete 500 hours of field-related work experience instead of completing E360 activities. Can I sign up for that?

The College transitioned from the Employment Program to the Experience360 Program in 2012, and students are assigned to either program based on when they started at DelVal (the catalog year in which the student entered) and how many credits they brought to DelVal at the time of matriculation.  Please see the Experience360 Program Policies for more information.

Why do I have to take an online course when participating in an experience?

The online course associated with each E360 activity for credit and recognition is designed to enhance your experience and learning through a course or program which includes reflective assignments, workbooks, instructor guidance and learning outcomes.

I am a Transfer student and I did an internship at my last school.  Do I have to complete one here at DelVal?

It depends on your Academic Department’s E360 Requirements and how many credits you transferred to DelVal.  See both the E360 Policies for the Transfer Policy, your Academic Department’s E360 Requirements as well as your Academic Department Chair.



 What’s the difference between an Academic Career Exploration Experience and an Academic Internship?

Academic Career Exploration Experience (CEE) Academic Internship
  • Provides participant with an introduction to or exploration in a discipline-related field
  • Allows exploration of different areas of your field and helps you to determine an area to pursue as a full-time position
  • Eligible after completing 27 credits
  • 1, 2 or 3 credits


Determining post-graduation career plans by working or shadowing in a job related to your major.

  • Helps participant develop industry knowledge and gain additional skills in preparation for post-graduation opportunities
  • Apprenticeship-type position in which the student works under a professional in a career track that they wish to pursue
  • Eligible after completing 45 credits
  • 3 credits
  • Site Supervisor acts as a mentor

Training for the job you want after graduation.

Next semester, I am taking 16 credits and I still want to do a 3-credit Academic Internship.  What is credit overload and how many credits am I allowed to take before I am billed for credit overload?

Credit overload is when your credit-load exceeds the maximum for full-time tuition. You are able to take a maximum of 19 credits before you are billed for credit overload.  It’s important that you plan your credits accordingly.   If you are going to exceed the maximum credit load, we recommend that you edit your schedule to allow for the Academic Internship or take the Academic Internship the following semester. Because of the time commitment of an Internship and a full-time academic load, we do not recommend exceeding full-time course load.

Am I able to complete two experiential learning activities at the same site?

Yes. While we encourage you to gain a variety of experiences, you may participate in two different experiential learning activities at the same site, with your Department Chair’s approval. You must identify new and different learning objectives for each. The job function for each experiential learning activity must display variety from the other experiential learning activity. We encourage you to have a discussion with your Site Supervisor and Department Chair, and take on new and varied responsibilities in each experiential learning activity at the site.

Can I participate in two experiential learning activities within the same semester?

Yes, you can participate in two experiential learning activities within the same semester, but each must be registered in its own course section by completing separate Activity Application Forms for each. You must register for and complete the required assignments for both activities. Please contact the Center for Student Professional Development to discuss this possibility and your unique case.

The field-related experience site I want to work at requires me to have liability insurance. What does this mean?

This means that their insurance coverage may not cover student interns or unpaid interns. The College extends liability coverage to students that are in an unpaid, supervised internship for academic credit. Contact the CSPD for proof of your coverage.



Why do I have to complete three activities, but my friend only has to complete two activities?

Each academic department has designated requirements that are appropriate and specific to their field and industry. Check your academic department’s E360 Requirements for more information.

My friend only has to complete 40 hours of experience per credit, but I have to complete 56 hours of experience per credit.  Why?

Each Academic Department has their own hours per credit requirement.  Some departments have found that more experience is necessary to be successful in their field.  Check your Academic Department’s E360 Requirements.

What happens if I participate in activities beyond my required number of credits?

We encourage you to participate in as many activities as you are able, as they will help build your resume, your network and your professional experience. If you choose to register activities in addition to your departmental requirements, the credits associated with these courses will be considered elective credits.


E360 Activity Registration

I have decided that I want to register my opportunity for the E360 Activity. What do I do?

Each E360 Activity has its own Activity Application Form.  The registration process is through our online system, ExperienceLink. You can access ExperienceLink at and log in with your DelVal username and password. You will be added to the course associated with your activity after you receive all necessary approvals (Site Supervisor and Department Chair) via the online system’s automated approval process. At that time, you will receive an email verifying that you have been registered in the course. Directions are emailed to students in the weeks prior to registration beginning for each term. If you have difficulty registering, please contact the Center for Student Professional Development for assistance.

 What if I am participating in a job in my field / an internship / a community service project but I don’t want to register it for the E360 requirement this semester?

While not every experience and opportunity that you participate in needs to be registered as part of E360, you need to make sure you meet your academic department’s E360 requirements by registering the activity. While positions in your field / community service projects / internships / leadership roles are very valuable, registering the activity for E360 credit and recognition is designed to enhance your experience and learning through a course or program which includes reflective assignments, workbooks, instructor guidance and learning outcomes. We encourage you to participate in many opportunities during your time at DelVal, regardless of whether you choose to register every one for E360 recognition.

I just landed a great internship.  I want to use it this semester for an E360 Activity.  Can I still register?

You can register for the activity until the last business day before the start of the term. All required approvals must be received prior to the end of the add period. See the Registrar’s Office or Academic Calendar for deadlines. We recommend that you search for opportunities the semester prior to registration in order to plan out your credits.

If I register to complete the Academic Internship or Academic Career Exploration activity over the summer, does that mean I have to pay for a summer course?

As both are activities and courses for credit and are monitored by faculty, you are required to pay a fee for the summer course.  In order to provide flexibility for students, the College offers a discounted fee for students who choose to participate in the activity during the Summer semester. Information on the summer course fees for Experience360 is available from the Bursars Office: Students who participate during Fall and Spring semesters are not charged additionally for their activity unless the activity flows into overload credits (more than 19 credits/semester). Please remember that all activities are offered during Fall and Spring semesters.  Participating in the activity during the Academic Year is the recommended option for those who are not able to pay the summer fee.   Students who participate in outside internships or work experiences during the summer are encouraged to participate regardless if they register for E360 credit and recognition.  Non-credited activities do not require a fee.

What if my Site Supervisor doesn’t have internet access/doesn’t have an e-mail address?

If your Site Supervisor does not have an e-mail address or cannot access ExperienceLink to verify your position, you must list either a fax number or mailing address AND a phone number in order for the form to be faxed or sent to them by post. When applying for your activity, please indicate as Site Supervisor e-mail so that you are able to complete the form. If the application is being approved by postal mail, you must leave enough time for verification before the deadline. In certain cases, the CSPD will call your Site Supervisor to verify your position so that you can meet the deadline. In the field at the bottom of the Activity Application Form, please make sure you indicate how your Site Supervisor should be contacted- fax or postal mail- in the section marked “Do you have any questions for the Center for Student Professional Development staff?”


The DelVal Experience Transcript

What is the DelVal Experience Transcript?

DelVal’s Experience Transcript is recognition of your co-curricular campus involvement at DelVal.  The transcript captures the E360 Activities that you have registered at DelVal, as well as your student involvement, including community service, awards, clubs and organizations and athletics.

How are student involvement activities reported for inclusion on my DelVal Experience Transcript?

It is each student organization’s responsibility to track their members and executive boards for submission to the Office of Student Involvement.  Student organizations are also able to submit awards and community service projects to the Office of Student Involvement for consideration for recognition on the DelVal Experience Transcript.