This course is designed to facilitate and support a student’s discipline-related experience. The Career Exploration Experience (CEE) is intended to provide the student with a meaningful experiential opportunity related to his/her major and career goals. The CEE serves as an introduction to or exploration in the student’s discipline-related field. Each student will establish measurable learning objectives for the CEE at the outset, as well as complete reflective assignments. The hours spent at the organization determine the number of credits received. The CEE can be taken for either 1, 2 or 3 credits. The student must indicate the number of credits that they are pursuing on Activity Application Form. As the Academic CEE is a course, students receive credits for what they learn through their field-related experience, not only for the experience itself. Instructors will evaluate your learning experience based on the reflection of the student’s achievement of objectives and goals.


  • Must have successfully completed the Introduction to Experiential Learning or DelVal Experience I & II course
  • Minimum of 27 credits (15 completed at Delaware Valley University)
  • Willing to participate in a work/learning experience
  • Responsible ambassador for DelVal to the community

To participate in a Career Exploration Experience (CEE) for academic E360 credit, follow these steps:

  1. Utilize DelVal’s Center for Student Professional Development (CSPD) resources (in Segal Hall):
    • Prepare your resume; meet with Experience360 advisor to review and edit
    • Establish a ExperienceLink account (CSPD’s web-based job posting system)
    • Upload your updated resume – once uploaded, you can apply to positions and sometimes, employers will view resumes via our Resume Book to recruit you specifically!
  2. Explore and apply to opportunities via:
    • CSPD leads via ExperienceLink postings
    • CSPD recruiting and networking events
    • Personal contacts
    • Meet with E360 advisor to discuss networking and outreach opportunities
  3. Apply for Academic E360 Credit
  4. Log-on to ExperienceLink to complete the Activity Application Form via the Experiential Learning module.
    - You must review and comply with all CEE Program, Delaware Valley University and Employer site policies, procedures and expectations. Your signature on the Application indicates that you understand and agree to CEE and University policies.
    - Your application will be forwarded to your Site Supervisor and Department Chair via email so that they can verify and approve your position and learning objectives.
    - Once approved, you will then be registered for the course in myDelVal.  You will receive an email that you have been registered.


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