Request to Review / Appeal of Student Account Charges

Appeals are for students requesting to change or remove charges on a Student Account.

To appeal a charge on your student account, a student must complete and submit the Request to Review/Appeal Charge Form and email the appeal from the student's DelVal email account to or bring the completed form and any and all documentation the bursar's office on the 2nd floor of Lasker Hall. Appeals sent from outside email addresses will not be delivered.

Students may request a charge appeal for several reasons including a perceived violation of university policy, an advising error, a late fee charge that the student does not believe should have been charged, or other miscellaneous charge the student feels needs to be addressed.

The University has published policies on most fees, charges, and refunds.  The information is available on the bursar’s office website.  Your explanation should attempt to show why an exception to the published policy is justified.  Requests that simply disagree with the policy are not considered or granted. When providing the reason(s) for the appeal, be as specific as possible.

If you are requesting an exception to any of the policies, PLEASE SUBMIT DOCUMENTATION WITH THIS FORM.  For example, a statement from an advisor is needed when an advising error is the basis of the request; a statement from a medical professional on letterhead and including applicable dates is required when based on a medical condition; or proof of satisfactory financial arrangements made by the due date when disputing a late fee.  If the committee requires additional information, the request will be made in writing to the student’s Delaware Valley University email address.

The University will not consider appeals based on:

  • Class assignments are not met (see Department Chair)*
  • Issues between the student and instructor (see Department Chair)*
  • Lack of familiarity with the registration system (i.e. failing to complete registration properly)
  • Lack of familiarity with the online billing system
  • Failure to review the online eBills
  • Not being aware of when the class starts/ends
  • Not being aware of the due date
  • Not being aware of the add/drop deadlines for the class
  • Not doing well academically in the class
  • Failure to read or follow the published University refund policy
  • Didn’t like the course for which you registered
  • Deciding that school/work/life responsibilities are too overwhelming
  • Voluntary employment change
  • Loss or lack of financial aid or insufficient financial aid to cover balance.
  • Lack of attendance in a course(s) unless there is documented evidence of extraordinary circumstances beyond the student’s control. Failure of the student to notify the University in writing of a decision not to attend classes is not grounds for appeal of tuition and fees charges.
  • Students are responsible for confirming prior to the first day of classes that their registration is complete and accurate. Financial implications resulting from a failure to do so does not constitute grounds for appeal.
  • Housing cancellation fees, residence hall damage charges, room and board charges are appealed through residence life and are not part of this appeal process.  Parking tickets and other traffic violations should be appealed directly to public safety.

*Please note: If your circumstance is due to an issue with the instructor, curriculum or class instruction methods, please visit with your instructor, Department Chair or the appropriate Academic Dean regarding your circumstance before attempting this process. Grade assignments and other academic issues are not within the scope of these procedures.

Student who were financial aid recipients for the term in which a charge is being disputed should be aware that the appeal could impact their financial aid and result in money owed. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you meet with a financial aid representative before you file an appeal. Retroactively having charges removed or a registration cancelled may result in the student being billed for financial aid that was disbursed for the original enrollment.

Filing an Appeal

To file an appeal, you must complete the Request to Review/Appeal Charge form and submit the request along with any necessary documentation to the bursar’s office or  When emailing an appeal, the appeal must be sent from the student's DelVal email address. Appeals sent from outside email addresses will not be delivered.

Time Limit

To be eligible for consideration, appeals must be filed:

  • Within 6 weeks from the end of the term for which you are appealing tuition, fees, or other course related charges.
  • Within 6 weeks of the date the late fee or other miscellaneous charge (i.e. library fine, unreturned rental books) was placed on the student account. Verbal appeals and appeals received after the deadline will not be considered.

Permission to access records

The act of filing an appeal is construed as authorizing all Committee members to have full access to all records, including academic, civil and medical records that may have a bearing on deliberations. 

Burden of Proof

The burden of proof shall be upon the student to prove their case by a preponderance of evidence in the written appeal. Appeals must be accompanied by all evidence and supporting documents that will be considered at the appeal committee meeting. Incomplete applications will not be considered.  Late fee appeals received will not be considered if the necessary satisfactory financial arrangements have not be completed and the student account still shows an outstanding balance greater than the late fee charge.

Notification of decision

The student and the relevant University offices and departments will be informed in writing of the Appeal Committee’s decision within five (5) business days of the decision being rendered.

Student Charge Appeals Committee Meetings

The Committee will convene once per month unless no applications for appeal have been filed since the previous meeting. Additional meetings may be added as determined by the chairperson. All decisions by the committee are final and not subject to further appeal.