One Health Seminar Series Presents, ‘One Health, One Planet, One Future’

Courtesy: Dr. Peter Hudson. Dr. Peter Hudson will be presenting a lecture on environmental changes and their effects on human health.

Apr 29, 2019

Dr. Peter Hudson will be presenting, “One Health, One Planet, One Future,” at Delaware Valley University on Thursday, May 2. The event will be held from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in the Life Sciences Building auditorium. All are welcome, and there is no cost to attend. Guests do not need to register in advance.

The number of humans on the planet is quickly growing, resulting in major environmental changes that influence human health. Dr. Hudson will explore the idea that human health is connected to the health of livestock and the environment – a field that has become known as One Health. Dr. Hudson will present his research on emerging infectious diseases, such as the Hendra virus, and discuss long-term solutions to these problems.

Dr. Hudson earned his doctorate at the University of Oxford studying bird behavior. In the Scottish Highlands, he ran a research station and studied the ecology of infectious diseases. Dr. Hudson moved to the United States 16 years ago to run life science research, instrumentation, and graduate education at Penn State University.  He is currently studying the spillover of infections from wildlife to humans while working on wildlife conservation and One Health issues. Dr. Hudson has more than 300 scientific publications and, also has received honorary degrees from the University of London and Penn State University. He was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2008 and a Corresponding Fellow of the Royal Society of Scotland in 2010. Dr. Hudson also won the Humanitarian of the Year award in 2018.

About One Health

One Health is a multi-disciplinary approach that works locally, regionally, nationally and globally to attain optimal well-being for people and society, the environment and plants, and animals. Together, the three major components make up the One Health triad, and the well-being of each is inextricably linked to the others in the triad. For more information on the One Health Seminar Series, please visit