New Graduate Degree Will Prepare Students to Lead in the Legal System

Apr 10, 2018

New Graduate Degree Will Prepare Students to Lead in the Legal System

Credit: Delaware Valley University. A criminal justice instructor leads a hands-on class exercise.

Delaware Valley University will offer a new graduate degree in criminal justice starting in fall 2018. The University’s master of arts in criminal justice will give students the opportunity to learn from professionals working in the field. The program will be offered in an accelerated format that will allow students to earn their master’s degrees in as little as five semesters. The program is open to students with bachelor’s degrees in any major. 

“Students will be taught by criminal justice experts who will bring real-world scenarios and experience into the classroom,” said Christi Smith, a DelVal criminal justice academic director, and instructor. “From criminological theory and research methodology to professional ethics and administrative functioning, graduates will be prepared with the background to assume leadership roles in such areas as law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole, security, and other parts of the judicial system.”

The flexible program is designed to allow working criminal justice professionals to complete their degrees without having to take time away from their careers. Classes in each course will alternate between classroom and online sessions to accommodate the needs of working professionals. The University will offer tuition discounts of 10 percent to cohorts from precincts or municipalities that have three or more students enroll in the program. 

The program’s core curriculum will include 10 required core courses.

Students will gain a better understanding of tactics used to monitor, intervene and control various security threat groups such as domestic and international drug cartels, religious extremists and gangs. They will also dive into topics including advanced criminology; public policy; police and the community; criminal law and procedure; corrections, probation and parole; community-based research methods; ethics and accountability; and crisis communications. 

“This program will prepare those working in the criminal justice system as well as those students who want to enter careers in this field with the knowledge and experience to take their careers to the next level,” said Smith. 

To learn more about the M.A. in Criminal Justice or, to request information about enrolling please contact Christi Smith at or, visit