Forget coffee, they’re getting valuable experience

May 14, 2013

DelVal students are making the most of their summers by applying what they learn in the classroom to the real world. Meet a some of DelVal’s students who will be working in their fields this summer.

Helping with Pediatric AIDS research

Name: Tatiana Tway
Anticipated graduation year: 2016
Major(s): large animal science and chemistry
Position: Research Intern at the Southwest National Primate Research Center in San Antonio, Texas.
Responsibilities: Assisting in a lab doing research to help with understanding pediatric AIDS.
What she thinks about the internship: “I feel honored that they’re going to let me do it… I still feel like I’m too young for this. I keep thinking ‘OK I’m going to be in the real world doing things that are going to make a difference. It’s not just ‘Can I get an ‘A’ in a course?’”

Sharing students’ stories

Name: Madison Moore
Anticipated graduation year: 2015
Major(s): media and communications
Position: Student Worker in DelVal’s Office of Marketing and Communications
Responsibilities: Madi is an important member of the Marketing and Communications team at DelVal. Since joining the office, she has written for the website, the College blog and more. She helps with a variety of projects from updating the website to taking photos of students on campus. She even wrote the profiles that cover DelVal’s home page. This summer, Madi will continue to help with telling her classmates’ stories.
What she thinks about the position: "The best part of my job is getting to interview students and faculty who are doing amazing things."

Helping to boost the economy in Ghana

Name: Stephen Sheriff
Anticipated graduation year: 2014
Major(s): counseling psychology
Position: participating in the ThinkImpact Institute in Ghana
Responsibilities: Working with a group of about 14 other people to help people come up with new ideas for businesses, publicize the businesses, and implement them to boost the local economy. The institute will be helping with everything from launching a new product to opening a store.
What he thinks about the position: When Stephen found out about the opportunity he had three days to decide whether to go, and he had to make the decision during finals week.

“The deciding factor is that I’m going to actually be able to make an improvement in people’s lives,” said Stephen. “Once I figured that out, I decided I had to go…When I graduate from DelVal, I’m interested in doing something along these lines, but really helping kids in the US and creating a better system for our kids to be entrepreneurs and leaders in the business world. I want to bring the social change I learn in Africa back here and use it with our kids.”

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