Dr. David D. Timony to Present Research in Ireland

Credit: Delaware Valley University. Dr. David D. Timony, chair of the Delaware Valley University Department of Education.

Apr 09, 2019

Dr. David D. Timony, chair of the Department of Education at Delaware Valley University, has been invited to present his research at Ulster University in Ireland. Dr. Timony will present, “Identification, Measurement, and Development of Expertise and High-Level Skill Acquisition,” on Monday, April 15 at the Ulster University Business School. 

In industries where people drive profit and growth, it is essential that organizations recruit and retain the right employees. Over recent years the competition for employees in some industries has become intense. Organizations must differentiate themselves and focus their attention on the skills and expertise that will allow them to develop and grow. Dr. Timony’s public lecture will explore how organizations can perform better by identifying, measuring, and developing expertise and skills. 

Dr. Timony will also co-present, "PANIC,” at Ulster University with research partner Torin Hill, of the TORIS Organization. Hill will be attending virtually from Los Angeles. 

“We have been working for a few years on studying the effects of panic on performance and memory in suboptimal conditions,” said Dr. Timony. “This research is primarily conducted with first responders and military and is being presented at the School of Nursing at Ulster University. They have recently been running live emergency drills with police and military in North Ireland.”
Many people in a variety of fields assume their training has prepared them to successfully manage the pressure of a critical incident. The research Dr. Timony conducted with the TORIS Organization shows that training doesn’t always prepare people to handle the panic they can experience during a real incident. Dr. Timony and Hill will present on their work inducing the panicked state and studying its influence on learning, memory, and performance in suboptimal conditions.

“Our work reveals that the pantomime of crisis-training fails to replicate the physical, emotional, and cognitive impacts of authentic panic,” said Dr. Timony. 

The presentation will look at steps that can be taken to ensure that front-line responders are ready to act when the time comes. 

Dr. Timony has a Ph.D. in educational psychology and is a teacher, speaker, and researcher with more than 20 years of classroom experience. He is a regular presenter at local, national, and online conferences and seminars. He draws upon his life as an artist and musician to bring creativity to teaching and has been recognized for his approach in creating and developing tailored programs for individuals, groups, and institutions. When not at his desk, Dr. Timony enjoys time with his family, practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and plays experimental music.

Dr. Timony's personal research focuses on the identification, measurement, and development of expertise and high-level skills. His dissertation research explored teacher expertise, student perceptions of teacher expertise, and the effect that the interaction of these constructs has on the outcomes for teachers and students. In addition to his work on expertise, Dr. Timony is currently researching the influence of explicit instruction of pro-social strategies on classroom behavior. 

A regular invitee to national and international conferences, his research has been presented at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, Temple University’s Department of Psychological Studies in Education, NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, and Phi Delta Kappa International’s Summit on Teacher Quality and Retention.