Dr. David D. Timony selected as a keynote speaker for ‘Unity in Diversity’

Dr. David D. Timony

Feb 02, 2017

As parents and educators partner to make sure that students are college ready, some classrooms are incorporating dance, rap and additional technology into the classroom to inspire and motivate high school students.

Dr. David D. Timony, chair of the education department at Delaware Valley University, will be a keynote speaker at “Unity in Diversity: Hip-Hop Ed, Art and Technology,” a two-day event, which will be held Feb. 25 through Feb. 26 in Fremont, California.

Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF), a nonprofit, is hosting the event to bring together parents and educators.  It will feature a series of community conversations about how teachers, artists and innovators are informing and inspiring youth.

Dr. Timony will give the first keynote presentation entitled, “Real Genius or Artificial Intelligence?”

“In chess all pieces have their own movements,” said HHCF Founder Adisa Banjoko. ”Alone they can do very little. However, united they can achieve amazing things. The same is true in education. We are giving parents and educators immediate access to one another, so both can find the best tools to get their kids college ready. This is just the beginning.”

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