DelVal’s soil judging team takes fourth at Nationals

Apr 21, 2016

Courtesy: Steve Dadio.

Courtesy: Stevie Dadio. The University's Soil Judging Team competes at Nationals in Kansas. 

The Delaware Valley University Soil Judging Team took fourth place overall at the National Collegiate Soil Judging Contest, which was hosted by Kansas State University this April. This is the highest finish the University has had since 1971. A total of 23 schools qualified to compete in the contest.

Individually, Dave Spadafora ’16 finished in 10th, Sam Todt ’16 finished in 14th place, Anthony Collora ’17 finished in 21st and Alexandra Schmidt ’17 finished in 24th place. Contributing in the group judging competition were Kelsey Allen ’18, Emily Ball ’16 and Kate Haggar ’16.

DelVal has been involved in Soil Judging since the ’60s. Steve Dadio from the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Sciences currently teaches soil judging.

Please congratulate the following Soil Judging Team members who helped DelVal achieve its highest finish in 45 years!

  • Kelsey Allen ’18, a conservation and wildlife management major
  • Emily Ball ’16, an environmental science major
  • Anthony Collora ’17, an environmental science major
  • Kate Haggar ’16, an environmental science major
  • Alexandra Schmidt ’17, an environmental science major
  • Dave Spadafora ’16, an environmental science major
  • Sam Todt ’16, an environmental science major

For a more information and a full list of the teams competing in the contest, please visit: