DelVal Education Programs Pass Major Review Process

Jul 24, 2019

DelVal Education Programs Pass Major Review Process

Courtesy: Elizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth Taylor ’16, a Delaware Valley University secondary education alumna, landed a job teaching English at Central Bucks High School South within a year of graduating from DelVal. The University recently received positive feedback from the Pennsylvania Department of Education on its programs for educators.

Delaware Valley University prepares educators for a variety of roles from teaching to administration through its high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs. The University’s programs for educators were recently reviewed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) through a major review, which takes an in-depth look at programs for quality and professional educator competency. PDE evaluates each program provider in a seven-year cycle as mandated by Pennsylvania School Code. During this review process, the University received seven-year approval on a variety of programs for educators. 

“We received commendations in several areas and especially for our commitment to experiential learning through our intensive Field Experience model,” said Dr. David D. Timony, chair of the University’s undergraduate Department of Education. “Completing this process is rewarding because it gives us an opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of our students and our department over the past seven years. We were proud to report on so many successes in the preparation, practice and professional placement of our graduates.”

Dr. Timony said many people across campus worked together to help the University complete the major review. 

“The major review is an intensive process, and it could not have been completed without the contributions of Dr. LaSalle and support and encouragement of Dr. Rusiloski (Dr. Benjamin E. Rusiloski, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty) and Dr. Casas (Dr. Tanya Casas, dean of the School of Business and Humanities),” said Dr. Timony. “While this submission was the responsibility of the University’s education department, it really speaks to the quality of the work that is done by all of the departments in the University. When we are able to report student success at such a high level, we would be remiss if we failed to recognize the high-quality faculty and programs that support achievement in DelVal’s Department of Education.” 

The major review for the graduate programs listed below was completed by Leonard Schwartz with the guidance of Dr. Jim Moryan, dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies, and the support of Dr. Victor Lesky and Dr. Todd Fay.

“The state renewal of our graduate school administrative programs and approval of new programs was very gratifying and affirmed our status as the ‘go to’ university in Bucks County for current and aspiring school leaders,” said Dr. Fay, the University’s director of graduate programs in education.

The following programs were approved by PDE through the Initial and Major Review process:


  • Agriculture PK-12 
  • Biology 7-12
  • Chemistry 7-12
  • English 7-12 
  • General Science 7-12 
  • Mathematics 7-12 
  • Social Studies 7-12 


  • Principal PK-12 
  • Superintendent PK-12 
  • Supervisor Curriculum and Instruction PK-12 
  • Supervisor Special Education PK-12
  • Special Education 7-12 Post-Baccalaureate 
  • Special Education PK-8 Post-Baccalaureate