Counseling Psychology Undergrad Presents at International Conference

Jul 06, 2010

Maggie Levicoff, a counseling psychology major at Delaware Valley College, recently co-presented a paper with Assistant Professor Allison Buskirk-Cohen at an international teaching conference in Tennessee.

Dr. Buskirk-Cohen said it is extremely rare for an undergraduate to present at an academic conference. “People were excited to hear from a student about her perspective,” she said.

The conference was put on by the International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning. It was held Oct. 7-9 in Nashville. Ashley Grove, another of Dr. Buskirk-Cohen’s counseling psychology students, also attended.

The conference brings together faculty and practitioners from around the world to discuss learner-centered principles of teaching, learning and assessment. Presenters submitted their proposals in the spring. Those who passed the peer review process were notified of their acceptance this summer.

The topic of the joint presentation was teacher and learner perspectives on using an online evaluation tool. It focused on an online tool professors customize to obtain instantaneous, relevant feedback from students.

“Del Val wants us to get out there and represent our school, and to prove that we have many great majors here,” Ms. Levicoff said. “It was absolutely amazing seeing and hearing all the new and improving ways that teachers and professors try to make learning more fun and interesting… It was truly a wonderful experience, and I learned so much from this conference. I look forward to doing it again!”

Dr. Buskirk-Cohen said the presentation earned high ratings on feedback forms, with many people specifically commenting on Ms. Levicoff ’s performance and Ms. Grove’s attendance.

Ms. Levicoff is a 19-year-old sophomore from Sicklerville, N.J. Ms. Grove, also 19 and a sophomore, is from Lancaster, Pa.

“I think that students being there gave the professors … a chance to see what students thought about their ideas from a student perspective versus strictly a teaching perspective,” Ms. Grove said.

Dr. Buskirk-Cohen presented two other times during the conference. One was entitled: “Beyond the textbook: Why and how to use course selected reading.”

The other, co-authored with Dr. Tisha Duncan from Meredith College in North Carolina, was: “Can’t you just give me a quiz? -- True learner-centered assessment.” It discussed innovative assessment strategies and provided examples of student work.

An article based on this presentation was accepted for print in the International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.