Barrie Saias Named Delaware Valley University Youth Programs Coordinator

Credit: Delaware Valley University. Barrie Saias, Delaware Valley University’s new youth programs coordinator.

Nov 13, 2018

As part of a move to serve learners throughout their lifespans, Delaware Valley University has named Barrie Saias as its new, full-time youth programs coordinator. Previously, Saias was the University’s coordinator of the Center for Learning in Retirement and summer camps. Her new position will allow her to devote more time to developing and promoting educational programs for children and teens. 

“We are going to try to build more opportunities for children and teens to experience the campus,” said Saias. “We are looking forward to developing new programs and new ways to engage young people.”

Some of the areas Saias is currently exploring as she develops a vision for youth programs include year-round activities for children and teens; more opportunities for faculty to engage with youth on campus; additional applied engineering and life and physical sciences programs; and residential summer camps. She is also looking into ways to bring international learners to campus for educational summer camps. 

“The University and my director decided to split my desk because there was a lot of potential on both sides (youth programs and learning in retirement),” said Saias. “Focusing on youth programs full time will allow for the growth and development of new programs and ideas to engage more young people.”

Saias is working to expand Kids U! to include additional year-round campus visit opportunities for elementary, middle, and high school students. 

“These would be field trips where local schools could bring students for an immersive, hands-on learning experience on campus,” said Saias. 

Kids U! allows children and teens ages 5 to 18 to experience a university campus, while learning about topics such as entrepreneurship and innovation, the life and physical sciences, engineering, digital media, arts and industry, junior equestrian riding, coding, and environmental science. 

“I’m looking forward to enriching the experience for children and teens who come to DelVal to explore new subjects,” said Saias. “DelVal's one-week specialty camps and academies allow students to collaborate and learn from experienced faculty, educators and industry professionals. Every camp is energetic and hands-on, immersing participants in learning and fun!”

Saias earned her B.A. in psychology from the University at Buffalo and is currently pursuing a master’s in educational leadership at DelVal. Before joining DelVal in 2015, Saias served as the camp director of a nonprofit day camp in Allentown, Pennsylvania and on the leadership team of directors at a private day camp in Jamison, Pennsylvania. 

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