Real Problems, Real Solutions

Make a Difference

Our population grows as our world shrinks.  Inevitably, tough issues have risen.  Prepare yourself to make a difference.

Clean water and air, life-sustaining soils, biodiversity and wildlife habitats, diverse land uses, healthy food and water, resource management, land stewardship, our sense of community and our relations with nature - These are some of the many world imperatives that affect our current and future quality of life.  These are some of the important issues we tackle in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Science.

Joining our team will prepare you to be a leader in finding solutions for enhancing our homes and communities, feeding more and more people, improving our health and quality of life, and managing our diminishing natural resources.  We live in a world where the lines are blurring, between economies, natural resources, countries, cities and rural communities. 

You can make a difference.

In the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Science, you will learn by doing.  Our programs prepare you through hands-on experiences to assess land and the environment, to plan and design regenerative land use solutions, and to build utilizing lasting and sustainable practices and materials.  You will learn by visiting regional industries and sites as well as by taking advantage of opportunities to travel the world.

You will make a difference.

Our programs in Environmental Science, Landscape Architecture and Landscape Contracting and Management and Horticultural Therapy will provide you with the skills, tools and knowledge. 

Contact us today.  Make a difference tomorrow.

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