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DelVal's small animal science program and conservation and wildlife management program both provide excellent preparation for further study in the fields of veterinary science, graduate education, biomedical research, clinical science and the companion animal trades. Conservation and wildlife management is for students interested in the management, behavior and ecology of wildlife species. The small animal science program is for students interested in companion animal species or careers in biotechnology. DelVal is proud to offer one of only three four-year zoo science programs in the United States.

Graduates with a degree from the Department of Animal Biotechnology and Conservation are able to:

  • Attend veterinary school or graduate school
  • Work within one of the allied health professions
  • Work as a research assistant in biomedical or pharmaceutical firms
  • Work in wildlife biology, conservation or game management
  • Work in state and national parks or game preserves
  • Work as an environmental educator
  • Work in wildlife rehabilitation
  • Work as a zoo or aquarium professional

Academic Degrees