Copies of outcome letters are maintained in a student's file in the office of Campus Life. Such records shall be used in reviewing any further conduct, developing sanctions, and shall remain a part of a student’s conduct record for all purposes.

All resolution proceedings, whether informal or formal, are conducted in compliance with the requirements of FERPA and University policy. No information shall be released from such proceedings except as required or permitted by law (including FERPA) and University policy.

Generally, it is the policy of Delaware Valley University to obtain consent from a student before releasing information from a student’s record, including proceedings from Student Code of Conduct hearings, to parents. There may be times when in the judgment of the University that the release of such information to parents is appropriate and not otherwise prohibited by FERPA or other applicable laws. In such cases the University reserves the right to release information without student consent.

Informal resolution is an administrative proceeding, and matters resolved through informal resolution processes are not part of a student’s conduct files, subject to the exception noted in the previous description of the Informal Resolution section.  

In most cases, conduct files of students who have not been suspended or expelled are destroyed upon their graduation. The conduct files of students who have been suspended or expelled from the University are maintained in the office of Campus Life for no less than five years after the student's departure from DelVal.