Decisions made through a formal resolution process can be appealed within five (5) business days from the date of notification of the decision. The appeal must be based on one or more of the following grounds:

  • Procedures set forth in the Code of Conduct were not followed
  • New or relevant information, not available at the time of the hearing, has arisen
  • The sanction was excessive for the nature of the offense

Appeals must be in writing and submitted to the VPCLIE/DOS. The appeal shall consist of a plain, concise and complete written statement on the grounds for the appeal. The appeal will be heard by the VPCLIE/DOS and/or their designee(s) which may include a panel drawn from the Student Conduct Board comprised of members not involved in the original decision.

The appellate body shall consider the merits of an appeal only on the basis of the information provided in the written request for appeal, the report of the hearing officer or panel, information obtained during individual meetings with the parties, original hearing officer or panel, and victim, and, if necessary, the hearing audio recording. 

In cases where the sanction alters the status of the student or organization, the appellate body may request to meet with the student or organization. Any decision of an appellate panel shall be made by majority vote. The appellate body must be persuaded to act by clear and convincing reasons. The responding party will be notified of the decision on the appeal by letter within three business days, or as soon as reasonably possible after the decision is rendered. 

All appellate decisions are final, with the exception of cases of expulsion. In such cases the responding party may make a second appeal to the VPCLIE/DOS who, with the Vice President for Academic Affairs, will conduct the final appeal. An appeal of expulsion must be based on the same grounds as above, and be made in writing, addressed to the VPCLIE/DOS and be delivered to the Campus Life office within five (5) business days from the date of notification of the decision by the appeals panel.