Responsible Employees
The University is on notice that an act of sexual misconduct has occurred if a responsible employee knew or should have known about the behavior. Responsible Employees are required to act on a specific report, which means they have an obligation to report the specifics of an incident to the Title IX coordinator, for review and investigation (section X).

Responsible employees are those employees who: have authority to take action to redress sexual misconduct; who have been given the duty of reporting incidents of sexual misconduct to the Title IX coordinator; or whom a student could reasonably believe has the authority or duty to redress the sexual misconduct.

At Delaware Valley University the following personnel are identified as "responsible employees"

  • Presidents and vice presidents of the university
  • Associate and assistant vice presidents, Deans (and associates and assistant deans)
  • Directors and associate or assistant directors
  • Coaches and assistant coaches of athletic teams
  • Administrators with supervisory responsibilities (directors, work-study supervisors)
  • Public Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Residence Life professional staff
  • Resident Assistants (RA's)
  • Student Involvement professional staff

When a report is made to a responsible employee, a victim has the right to expect that the University will take timely and appropriate steps to investigate what happened and to resolve the matter promptly and equitably. It is the obligation of a responsible employee to make a report to the Title IX coordinator or deputy, outlining the details shared by the victim.

Responsible employees are trained annually by the CRT on Title IX, reporting procedures and expectations, the University's policy generally, and strategies for sensitively responding to those who come forward with complaints.

Prohibited relationships

A romantic or consensual sexual relationship between a faculty member and a student currently enrolled in his/her class is not permitted. Faculty and/or staff members may not supervise students, employees or University community members with whom they have a romantic or sexual relationship. If such a relationship exists, it is a conflict of interest and arrangements must be made to ensure a faculty/student or supervisor/employee reporting relationship does not occur.

Child protection policies

While any individual may, and is encouraged to, report child abuse whenever and wherever it occurs, all employees, students who work or volunteer with individuals under the age of 18, consultants, sub-contractors, adjunct faculty, volunteers, or those affiliated in any way with Delaware Valley University are required to make a report whenever the person has reasonable cause to suspect that a child under the age of 18 is a victim of child abuse.

University employees, students, volunteers, and/or outside contractors who suspect child abuse shall immediately notify the individual's supervisor unless the alleged perpetrator is the individual's supervisor. If an employee, student, volunteer, or outside contractor does not know to whom a report should be made, the individual should report the alleged abuse to the Delaware Valley University Human Resources Department at 215-489-2346. Upon notification, the supervisor or Human Resources shall report the suspected child abuse.

The obligation to report suspected child abuse to a supervisor is in addition to the requirement for reporting to the local police and the Department of Public Welfare. The complete policy and expectations of Delaware Valley University in this regard can be found on the Human Resources site of the University portal.