The University educates students about sexual misconduct through several means. New students are required to complete Sexual Assault Prevention© before matriculating. Sexual Assault Prevention© is an online Title IX and Campus SaVE Act education program that combines sexual assault and bystander intervention education.

Sexual Assault Prevention© is complemented by a required program that occurs during the fall orientation program. Currently, the required fall program is "Zero Shades of Gray" which addresses issues of consent, bystander intervention and supporting survivors of sexual assault.

All students annually receive a copy of the Sexual Misconduct Policy to continue these educational efforts. Additionally, all students receive a publication from the Dean of Students Office entitled: Delaware Valley University Support and Resource Guide for Sexual Misconduct.

During the course of each academic year, offices within the Division of Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence sponsor or co-sponsor at least one program each semester on matters related to sexual misconduct.

The Office of Public Safety conducts annual Clery Training for all Campus Security Authorities (CSA). Clery Act training includes but is not limited to sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. Additionally, Human Resources provides training on the University's Sexual Misconduct Policy and Title IX training annually for all employees and faculty of the University.

Additional training for the Title IX coordinator and deputy(ies), law enforcement, "responsible employees," members of the Student Conduct Board, and victim advocates is designed and implemented by the University's Central Review Team, which partners with community and government agencies and campus partners who have expertise and perspective on these issues.