The Title IX Coordinator is the responsible employee of the University with major responsibility for the development, implementation and monitoring of meaningful efforts to comply with Title IX. Responsibilities include: coordinating any investigations of complaints under Title IX; insuring a coordinated and integrated response across the University through education, training, policies and support; maintaining a centralized reporting, investigatory and record-keeping process; and the administration of a prompt, fair and impartial grievance process.

The Title IX Coordinator is assisted by designees who have responsibility for managing the grievance process for student-to-student complaints of sexual misconduct. The following personnel serve in these roles:

Title IX Coordinator
Tim Poirier
Dean of Student Development

Cindy Transue
Director of Public Safety

Kelly Hojnacki
Assistant Dean of Student Development

Evelia Hunter
Assistant Dean of Student Development

The Title IX Coordinator convenes the University's Central Review Team (CRT), the body responsible for investigating and responding to complaints of sexual misconduct (see Section X). The CRT is also responsible to work with various campus partners, community partners, and government agencies to ensure that the University provides and supports a coordinated and systemic network of effective prevention and response.