1. Entry of Room by University Personnel

    • Delaware Valley University is dedicated to preserving students’ rights to study, to reflect, to have quiet, and to rest in their rooms. However, the University maintains the authority to enter and inspect any student’s room at any time.
    • Staff members from Campus Life and the Public Safety and Security Department are authorized to enter a student’s room for reasons including, but not limited to, potential emergency situations, investigation or enforcement of University policy, determining occupancy, inspecting for health and safety reasons, and for routine inspections. The Maintenance Department is authorized to enter a student’s room to provide for maintenance, make repairs, or for facility emergency situations.
    • Every effort is made to ensure that the personal belongings of students are not disturbed unless deemed necessary by the staff members involved in the situation.
    • University staff members are authorized to enter rooms with law enforcement officials to determine whether a violation of the federal, state, or local law has occurred. Any information gathered from this entry may be used in University disciplinary proceedings.
  2. Health and Safety Checks

    For community safety and residence hall security purposes, Residence Life staff members perform Health and Safety Checks of every occupied residence hall room at specified times during the academic year. These checks typically occur during residence hall closings. Staff members will complete the checks in pairs. A copy of the completed Health and Safety form is left in every room once the check is completed. Residence Life staff will follow up with any students where concerns were noted.

  3. ID Cards

    Students are expected to carry a University-issued ID card at all times. Students may obtain a replacement for a lost or damaged ID card from the Public Safety and Security Office, located in the Welcome Center, and the student will be responsible for any fee associated with the replacement.

  4. Fire Safety

    Tampering with fire detection equipment, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, or setting off a false fire alarm are serious community safety concerns and are designated as a Type I violation in the Student Code of Conduct. Any violation of the Fire Safety policy compromises the safety of all residents, and as such are more likely than not to result in a student’s separation from the University.

    Each residence hall room is equipped with a smoke detector. For the safety of the community, students are not permitted to remove the batteries from the smoke detector. If the smoke detector in a student’s room signals a need for new batteries, students should report the matter to residential staff or contact the Maintenance Department at x2228. With the sole exception of lighting cigarettes outside of the residence halls, unauthorized fire in or around the residence halls is prohibited.

  5. Fire Drills and Procedures

    Fire drills must be conducted for all residence halls at least once per semester. When a fire alarm sounds, all individuals of the building are expected to leave the building using the nearest exit as quickly as possible. To ensure safety and to account for each resident, it is required that once outside the building residents of each residence hall regroup in these areas:

    • Barness, Cooke, and Ulman Halls: Meet in Levin Dining Hall.
    • Berkowitz, Goldman, Samuel, and South Halls: Meet in the Work Gym lobby.
    • Centennial and Work Halls: Meet in the Life Sciences Building lobby

    Students may only return to the building when a university official gives the notice that it is safe to do so.

    *During inclement weather, it is recommended that students wait inside another building (such as the gym or the Student Center) until a University official has indicated students can return to the building.

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