Microwaves and Refrigerators

  1. Personal Property/Liability

    Each student is responsible for his/her personal belongings and is strongly encouraged to lock the door to the residence hall room and/or suite at all times for security of belongings and safety of the student. Should a student have a concern about missing items, the matter may be reported to the Public Safety and Security Office, located in the Welcome Center. Additionally, each student is advised to insure personal belongings as the University is not responsible for the loss or damage of any person’s property for any reason and does not insure any personal belongings against any type of damage or theft.

  2. Prohibited Items

    For the safety of each student and the community, the following items are not permitted in the residence halls:

    • Any cooking or heating appliance with a hot plate or exposed coil
    • Air conditioners not supplied by the University
    • Grills and associated items, including charcoal, lighter fluid, propane gas or other flammable substances
    • Weapons, firearms, ammunition, or any other dangerous projectiles (including BB & pellet guns)
    • Water beds
    • Power strips and extension cords other than “Fire Shield” and “Woods” brand products
    • Any flammable or incendiary material including candles, incense, fireworks, or explosives
    • Halogen or heating lamps
    • Cut plants, such as natural Christmas trees and wreaths, live potted trees, and hay bales
    • Battery-operated personal transport devices and/or their batteries, such as “hoverboards” or powered scooters (effective January 15, 2016)
  3. Microwave Ovens and Refrigerators

    • Microwave Ovens – Students are not permitted personal microwave ovens in residence hall rooms. Students who desire a microwave oven in a residence hall room are required to rent or purchase a combination microwave/refrigerator unit (MicroFridge) through the approved third-party vendor, Campus Specialties, Inc. www.mymicrofridge.com
    • Refrigerators – Students are permitted one (1) personal refrigerator per residence hall room, including any MicroFridge units obtained through the approved third-party vendor. Personal refrigerators may be no larger than 3.1 cubic feet capacity. Rooms occupied by 3 or more students are permitted two (2) personal refrigerators per room, including MicroFridge units.
  4. Pets

    Each student is permitted to care for non-venomous, fully-aquatic (unable to survive outside of an underwater environment) animals in the residence halls. Aquatic environments may not exceed a total of 10 gallons of water in one or two aquariums per residence hall room. All other pets are not permitted to enter/visit any of the residence halls for any reason.

    *There are designated pet-friendly floors/residence halls. These communities contain separate guidelines that can be viewed online through the Residence Life page of MyDelVal.

  5. Room Modification

    Each student is encouraged to arrange and decorate his/her room to create the most comfortable environment. Students are encouraged to keep in mind when decorating to avoid using materials that may cause damage to the room. For safety reasons, students are asked to remember the following:

    • Artificial plants (such as holiday trees) may be no more than 4 feet in height and labeled by the manufacturer as being constructed out of fire-resistant materials.
    • Window screens may not be removed from windows for any reason. Additionally, students may not use windows as entry points to their rooms or residence halls.
    • University furniture is not to be removed from lounges, computer rooms, or student rooms for any reason.
    • Dismantling of University furniture is not allowed.
    • Each bedroom is an individual assignment and must retain the occupants and originally as- signed sets of furniture. In suite style housing, students may not reorganize the suite by turning one of the bedrooms into a “living room” or by turning the common room into a bedroom.
    • With the exception of University provided furniture, lofts and bed risers higher than 6 inches are not permitted in the residence halls. Bed risers may not be makeshift or homemade (i.e., cinder blocks lumber etc.).

    Students are welcome to add additional seating in their residence hall rooms. For fire safety reasons, there are guidelines around the number and size of furniture pieces permitted. Students may have furniture pieces with a maximum combined seating capacity of 3 people. Room furniture is to be arranged in a way that does not block access to and from the room, as well as, does not impede the door from opening and closing.

    *Centennial Hall 6-person suites may have furniture pieces with a maximum combined seating capacity of 3 people in the living/common room in addition to the furniture that is provided by the University.

  6. Storage

    Students may leave personal belongings in their rooms during Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks. Outside of these designated breaks, students are responsible to remove their belongings. The University does not provide storage for student belongings.

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