1. Noise

    All members of the Delaware Valley University community are expected to respect the rights of students to live in a community environment that is free from excessive noise, enabling community members to pursue academic success. Although it is reasonable to expect that some campus events and/or activities will produce noise, the noise should be appropriate for the time, location and circumstances. It is the responsibility of community members to regulate their behavior and conduct themselves in a manner that provides an environment conducive to academic success. Any community members who object to the time, place, and/or level of noise in the community have the right to request that the noise level be lowered. When community members cannot come to agreement on an acceptable level of noise, the appropriate response is to ask either a Resident Assistant for assistance in mediating the situation, or to contact Public Safety for assistance.

  2. Visitation and Guests

    *Guest(s) refer to non-student(s).

    Students may host other students and guests in their rooms at any time. Before hosting, roommates are to establish agreed upon expectations for hosting other students and guests. The desire for privacy by one roommate takes precedence over the desire for room visitors by the other roommate. All visitors, other students or guests, are expected to adhere to the Community Standards of the University. Students are responsible for the actions of their guests at all times.

    Due to size, residence halls are not equipped living accommodations for anyone who is not assigned to a room by the Residence Life Office. Therefore, students may host a maximum of two guests at any one time. Staff will follow up with any student who is deemed to be providing living quarters for someone who is not assigned to that room.

    Guests who visit the residence halls any night between 10 pm and 8 am must register at the Welcome Center. Registered guests must be at least 17 years of age (16 if they are a prospective student) and have a valid form of photo ID. An official university guest pass will be given to each registered guest to give to the residential staff.

    Guests who are under 17 years of age and are family relations to a student may register as an overnight guest only if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times. The parent/guardian must also be registered as an overnight guest.

  3. Vandalism

    Destruction or damage of University or other students’ property and/or activities that require excessive cleaning is unacceptable in the community. Responsible students will be accountable include but not limited to repair, replacement and/or excessive cleaning costs. When responsible students cannot be identified, the floor/building community may be held accountable.

  4. Propping and Forcible Opening of Doors

    Due to comprising the safety of the hall community, propping and forcible opening of residence hall doors is prohibited at all times. Responsible students will be held accountable, including but not limited to repair/replacement costs. A student who is locked out of a residence hall may contact the Office of Public Safety and Security to gain entry. The Office of Public Safety and Security can assist students with malfunctioning or replacing lost student ID cards.

  5. Smoking

    For fire safety reasons, smoking is not permitted in any residence hall at any time, including students’ rooms, lounges, bathrooms or other common areas. This includes the use of E-cigarettes, vaporizers or any other smoking device. Smoking outside of a residence hall is prohibited within 15 feet of any door or window. It is expected that smoking be conducted in a courteous fashion that respects the community and living space of other students. This includes disposing of all smoking waste (butts, ashes, matches, and packaging) in the appropriate containers provided.

  6. Smokeless Tobacco

    In the residence halls, students may use smokeless tobacco products. Makeshift spittoons (dip/spit cups) must be disposed of properly in sealed containers.

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