Policies Codify Our Core Values

These particularly important policies directly relate to the University’s core values and our commitment to creating an environment that affirms respect for self and others, and that seeks excellence, accountability and integrity in all things.

Code of Conduct

We hold high expectations of conduct for members of our academic community. Learn about the Code of Conduct.

Sexual Misconduct

Members, guests and visitors of our campus have the right to be free from all forms of gender and sex-based misconduct.

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Bias Incidents

Delaware Valley University is committed to creating an educational community free from intolerance directed toward individuals or groups and to maintaining an environment that fosters respect for others.

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Residence Hall Policies

For students that share our residential experience, shared responsibility for safety and respect are paramount.

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Student Expressive Rights Policy

A framework for voice and expression outside the classroom

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Hazing Prevention Policy

The University is committed to creating and fostering a safe and healthy campus community built on the core values and hazing is a serious violation against these values.

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Alcohol, Other Drug, and Campus Policies

These policies ensure that our community can focus on academic work free from distraction and disruption.

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