Sports officiating is a great way to get involved at DVU. DVU is looking for motivated students with a passion for sports to join our team.

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Why Officiate Sports?

Officials are responsible for ensuring the integrity of the game and keeping intramural games safe and organized. DVU’s intramural sports program prides itself on training and educating sports officials at a very high level.


Intramurals hire sports officials year-round to referee our sports. The list of sports you will be trained to officiate are basketball, football, volleyball, softball, soccer, and dodgeball. Sports officiating is a great way to get involved in both our program and DVU. Over 200 DVU students participate in Intramurals, with affiliations ranging from student-athletes, clubs and organizations, Greeks, and residence halls. Nowhere on campus does a DVU student have a unique opportunity to interact with so many different students!

No experience Is necessary, we will train officials for each sport through rules and field clinics. All that’s required is a general understanding of sports and a desire to learn. We take great pride in our student officials and encourage people to become an official who is committed to putting forth a lot of effort into learning each sport and developing themselves not only as an official but enhancing their skills in communication, leadership, and confidence.


Hours are flexible, as many officials work between 10 and 20+ hours per week. Intramural Sports are played each weekday after 4 p.m. sometimes with games lasting until midnight, and on the weekends as well. There is always a chance to work for High school sports, college or even become a professional official.

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