Living on campus: our philosophy and approach

At Delaware Valley University, living on campus is a valuable part of the educational and social experience. Research shows that living on campus contributes to student success and positive academic outcomes, and that students who live on campus are more likely to be engaged with campus life and the many opportunities to be involved in academic, cultural and extracurricular activities. Living in a residence hall with peers from different backgrounds and experiences helps students develop skills that will be invaluable in life and the workplace – skills related to communication, citizenship, negotiation and cooperation. And the friendships made in the residence hall setting are often enduring ones.

For these reasons, the University’s approach is that all entering full-time freshman live on campus for their first two years at DelVal. In subsequent years, students may choose to continue to live on campus or explore living more independently off-campus. 

While the benefits of living on campus are many, there may be reasons why doing so would place barriers to a student’s ability to benefit from the educational program at DelVal.  Entering new students who meet one or more of the following criteria may apply to be waived from living on campus if doing so best meets their personal educational needs. 

  • Local commuter status: Student will be residing at their permanent home address which is within 25 miles of campus
  • Age: Student is at least 23 years of age prior to starting their first semester
  • Marital status: Student is married
  • Dependents: Student is the legal guardian of a minor or minors who reside with the student on a permanent basis
  • Military service: Student is a military veteran or on active duty
  • Financial hardship: Student and/or parent(s) have an extreme short- or long-term financial hardship that prevents the student from attending the University due to the costs of residing on campus
  • Other: Student has a clear and compelling reason other than those listed above

All requests must be supported by University records or clear documentation establishing the validity of the reason and how the issue impacts the student’s ability to live in on-campus housing.

Request for Release from Residency Requirement Form

Prospective students with questions about living on campus should contact their admission counselor.  Admitted or deposited students seeking exemption from the requirement for residency must submit a completed Request for Release from Residency Requirement Form, accompanied by the necessary documentation to support the request.  All requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Submission of a request is not a guarantee of approval, so students should not finalize alternate housing arrangements until the request is approved.  Deposited students will receive further information regarding housing through their DelVal email accounts in the months leading up to the student's first semester.  Note: Students who select off-campus or commuting on their application for reasons of local commuter or age will be automatically waived from the residency requirement if verified by University records.

DelVal’s core values include acting as one learning community and valuing the world of ideas and differences.  Our approach to campus residency supports those values and strengthens the living-learning experience of our students.