Participants spend two terms at Delaware Valley University and a summer at Rodale Institute. They take courses that cover topics such as commercial vegetable production, organic food and fiber, principles of sustainable agriculture and marketing and participate in a practicum during the fall and spring semesters at DelVal. During the summer semester at Rodale Institute, students take courses in plant health management and soil biology and practice applying what they’ve learned through the on-site practicum. Participants who complete the program leave with the knowledge and experience necessary to start a small-scale organic farm or, work for an organic operation. The program offers assistance with job placement and developing business plans so that graduates can easily move right into rewarding careers in organic agriculture.

Students are welcome to complete their courses at Delaware Valley University on a part-time or full-time basis, but all three courses at Rodale Institute must be completed during one summer. Students may apply to start during any term. Courses in the certificate program may be applied toward bachelor’s degree programs in agriculture at DelVal. 

Summer Semester at Rodale Campus
Course Number Course Title Credits
PS 1301 Plant Health Management 3
PS 1302 Soil Biology 3
PS 2310 Summer Farm Practicum 6
Fall Semester at Delaware Valley University
Course Number Course Title Credits
AS 1006 Introduction to Animal Science 3
PS 2240 Organic Food and Fiber 3
PS 4106 Marketing of Horticultural Products 2
PS 2110 Fall Farm Practicum 4
 Spring Semester at Delaware Valley University
Course Number Course Title Credits
PS 2211 Commercial Vegetable Production 3
PS 2235 Principles of Sustainable Agriculture 2
PS 3240 Integrated Pest Management 3
PS 2210 Spring Farm Practicum 4