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Why You Should Get Involved in DelVal’s Pride and Polish Day


Posted on April 2, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

Delaware Valley University's Pride and Polish Day is an annual tradition where students, staff and faculty come together once a year to display their school pride. They work to improve their campus for one day by completing projects for the greater good of the university.

From putting fresh coats of paint where necessary to planting flowers, landscaping and gardening, everyone pitches in to make sure that the campus looks great. 

Coming together to polish various areas on the grounds of the campus and within the buildings is an important tradition at DelVal. Check out all of the takeaways you'll receive by helping out. 

Show Your Pride

Pride and Polish is an opportunity to do just that: show your pride for your university by polishing the campus from top to bottom, inside and out. You're proud to attend DelVal, and it's time to display that pride and show your appreciation. 

Feel Accomplished

By pitching in and doing something to help your school, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment. After Pride and Polish Day, the landscaping is crisp, the buildings are pristine, and the entire campus seems to sparkle. The campus will have undergone a refresh after all of the students, staff and faculty put their effort into cleaning up. 

You can be confident knowing that all of your hard work and effort went into doing something that will go a long way in making others happy. You also get to bask in the afterglow for weeks as you walk around campus and attend class in the different buildings. 

Make Lasting Bonds

Working with one another to achieve a common goal always brings people closer together. During Pride and Polish Day, you'll be working closely with other people on various tasks and projects around the campus. You'll meet new people that you may not have met otherwise, and you'll be able to get to know them throughout the day.

You'll also have the opportunity to speak with staff and faculty who you don't normally spend time with outside of classes or other school-related activities. Having this time to talk with them could even help you understand more about the material.

This year, Pride and Polish Day at DelVal is on Saturday, April 2. Gather your residence hall, your classmates, and your friends and bring them onto campus for a fun day.

Show your school pride by working with others to clean up your campus, which will leave you feeling accomplished. You'll also get to enjoy all of your hard work while walking through campus every day and experiencing the refresh it has undergone.

Have you marked it on your calendar yet? Join the many others attending DelVal's Pride and Polish Day.

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