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Why I’m Applying for a Grant to Fund a Campus Pollinator Garden


Posted on February 12, 2018 by By Nora Palmer ’19, a DelVal horticulture major.

Courtesy: Nora Palmer ’19 Club members at the apiary.

Pollinators of all kinds have been on the decline and the Apiary Society, a student club at Delaware Valley University, has always strived to educate the community about their importance. I joined the Apiary Society at DelVal to learn about honey bees, other pollinators, and why they are so important. Since joining the Apiary Society, we have built a small pollinator garden at the apiary on campus. It is abundant with bees, butterflies, skippers, and all sorts of beneficial insects.

We began our project by installing three raised beds with herbs and have not only seen pollinators stop by, but also members of the community who appreciate its purpose and beauty. We wish to expand upon this pollinator garden by building a small pollinator habitat on the property that provides plants for all sorts of pollinators. To achieve this goal, the Apiary Society decided to apply for a grant.
I thought that this was a wonderful idea, and decided to apply for the grant to give back to the club and promote pollinator health. The money that we hope to receive will go towards the extension of our pollinator gardens to other areas on the apiary. The area will be around a large shed on the property that currently does not have any landscaping, and it would be beneficial to use this area to help support our local pollinators. We want to include native plants from the region but will also incorporate lavender as a hedge row. 

This pollinator garden will not only draw in community members and DelVal students, but it will also serve as a great way to educate the public about the importance of providing food for our pollinators. The Apiary Society would like to use a diverse selection of native plants. Pollinators are not only important to agriculture, but to all aspects of life, and if everyone can work to simply create a small border around their homes and gardens to help pollinators, we can greatly improve the number and health of our pollinators. 

I have enjoyed every moment with the Apiary Society at DelVal. Through my experience, I have learned that one simple act can make a huge difference, and if that act should be to plant native species for our pollinators, the bees and butterflies will surely thank us.