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Where to Find a Hot Cup of Coffee on and Near Campus


Posted on November 25, 2015 by Delaware Valley University .

Cold winter mornings require a hot cup of coffee to help you stay warm and get your motor running on the way to class. If you have to walk across the Delaware Valley University campus, you need a delicious cup of coffee to help you brave the wind chill. But where can you find to-go coffee by the DelVal campus?

DelVal students who need their caffeine in the morning are in luck, as there are multiple stops along campus where you can duck in for a fresh cup of coffee. Continue reading to learn where you can find a hot cup of coffee by the DelVal campus.

Located in the Life Science Building, the LSBean station is quick stop where you can find fresh coffee and pastries. Featuring the DelVal We Proudly Brew program, students can grab a quick Starbucks coffee or baked good on the way to class. And while the LSBean Starbucks station doesn’t accept Starbucks gift cards, you can use your RAM bucks for your coffee.

Levin Dining Hall
Beginning in the spring of 2016, the Levin Dining Hall on the DelVal campus will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week while classes are in session. And if you’re signed up for an unlimited meal plan, you can get coffee as much as you need throughout the day. No matter if you need a wake-up in the morning or between classes or you anticipate a long night of studying ahead, the Levin Dining Hall will be sure to support your caffeine fix. 

Plus a Starbucks kiosk will be installed in the dining hall, which will be included for all DelVal students on an unlimited meal plan. 

Zen Den Coffee Shop
If you ever find yourself off campus and rushing to get to a morning class on campus, you can make a quick stop at the Zen Den Coffee Shop on Donaldson Street between Oakland and State Streets. A full coffee menu will give you a wide variety of choices of hot or cold drinks, coffee or tea, and you even have the opportunity to grab a sandwich or wrap for breakfast or lunch on your way out. 

With a variety of locations where you can grab coffee, whether you’re on campus or off, it’s easy for students to wake up and start their day off right. Sometimes all of us just need a cup of coffee to keep going and to get things done, and any current DelVal student will tell you coffee near campus is a lifesaver for exam and finals studying.

Students who are interested in DelVal can see for themselves the many resources that DelVal students have at their disposal on campus and throughout the borough of Doylestown when they schedule a campus visit.