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What to Expect at Delaware Valley’s Open House


Posted on October 1, 2015 by Delaware Valley University.

Before choosing where you would like to pursue your higher education, you need to be sure that it’s perfect for you. And one of the best ways to you can do so is to visit a university’s campus or register for one of their open houses.

Delaware Valley University has two fall open houses, one on Sunday, October 4 and one on Sunday, November 1, where prospective students can learn about the campus and see if it’s a good fit to pursue their passions. But what exactly can you expect from at DelVal’s open house? Continue reading to find out.

Introduction to Life at DelVal
At the DelVal open house, you’ll receive unique exposure to life at DelVal. Along with touring the scenic campus, you and your family will be able to speak with the faculty, staff and coaches. This provides an exceptional opportunity to ask questions, associate with the community and learn more about how DelVal can provide for your comprehensive growth as a student in and out of the classroom. The tour and communication with the faculty and staff at DelVal is one of the best ways to see if our university is right for you.

Info on Applying to DelVal
Along with lunch on campus, attendees of the DelVal open house will receive valuable information on the application process. This information is both beneficial for students and parents, as you can speak with faculty here at DelVal about the admission process, learning when you need to get your application in by, what admissions professionals look for and when you can expect to find out our decision on enrollment. Parents can also receive information about DelVal’s financial program, which is another exceptional and useful aspect of the open house. 

Part-Time Students
The DelVal open house also caters to prospective part-time students. If you’re not looking to enroll full time at DelVal, you can still receive valuable information about the educational opportunities available to part-time students. 

Campus tours will be optional, but part-time students and parents will still have the opportunity to sit down with faculty and discuss the advantages of being a part-time student, how part-time students function here at DelVal and what your future class schedule might look like, helping you to decide if this path is the right one for you. 

The DelVal open houses are the best way to learn more about life at DelVal. With the information provided through tours and Q&As, you’ll be able to see if DelVal is the right choice for you, no matter if you’re a prospective full-time or part-time student. 

Full-time undergraduate student check-in will be at the Student Center Lobby, and part-time student check-in will be held in the Life Sciences Building. You can learn more about registering for one of DelVal’s open houses in October or November and plan your visit.