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What to Bring Home at the End of Your Fall Semester and What to Bring Back After Break


Posted on November 5, 2015 by Delaware Valley University.

When your last class of your first semester is over, you’ll probably be in a rush to head home and get started with your break. But the last thing you want to do is get halfway home only to find out you forgot something important. And the same goes for when you return to campus for your spring semester.

To make sure that Delaware Valley University students remember to bring their important belongings back home for break and remember to bring necessities back to campus after break, we’ve created a checklist for you below.

Bring Home: Laptop and Chargers
You absolutely want to bring home your laptop for entertainment purposes rather than schoolwork. There’s nothing worse than settling down to watch some Netflix on the couch only to find out that your laptop is back in your residence hall.

The same goes for your chargers. Your phone charger needs to be at the top of your checklist, since you’ll feel vulnerable without it.

Bring Back to Campus: Winter Clothes
When you come back from your break, the weather will be way too cold for your first semester wardrobe. Swap out your fall attire for winter coats, boots and sweaters so you’re ready to bear the Doylestown winter. You don’t want to spend your entire semester freezing because you didn’t remember to bring back the proper clothes.

Bring Home: Valuables
It’s always a good idea to bring home any valuables that you keep with you on campus. As the saying goes, you’re better off safe than sorry. Plus, if you bring them home, you won’t have to spend your entire break worrying about them back in your residence hall.

Bring Back to Campus: New School Supplies
Start your new semester on the right foot with a batch of new school supplies. An all-new course schedule means that DelVal students should stock up on new folders, notebooks, binders and note cards. Reusing supplies such as notebooks can make it confusing to find your notes and doesn’t leave you with much room to take new ones. And binders and folders really only have a lifespan of one semester, so making a point to get new ones will ensure that you store your important papers effectively.

Planning out what you need to bring home for break will make your time off much more relaxing. The last thing you want to do is stress over something that you forgot in your residence hall, such as your laptop or valuables. And to make sure that you’re comfortable when you head back to DelVal for your second semester, don’t forget your winter clothes and fresh supplies for class.

You can get a strong sense of what life as a DelVal student is like when you schedule your visit to campus and the Doylestown community.