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What do Employers want to see on your Resume


Posted on February 26, 2015 by Delaware Valley College.

When you’re applying for a job, it’s crucial for your résumé to capture employers’ attention and make a good impression. Your résumé must accurately represent who you are as a professional and tell the hiring manager why you’d be the best fit for a particular position. 

Creating your résumé isn’t easy, but using these tips when making yours will help you stand out among other applicants. 

Customize Your Résumé
When you’re applying to multiple jobs, it’s tempting to send out the same résumé to each one. However, this can show a lack of dedication and laziness. You should customize each résumé to the company to which you’re applying so the hiring manager knows you’re serious about the position.

Skills That Fit the Job
Another way to customize your résumé is to highlight your skills or the responsibilities you’ve had that relate to the position to which you’re applying. Make sure you read the job description completely and showcase all of your skills that make you excellent for the position.

Some people are wary about bragging about themselves, but your résumé is the place to do just that. More than anything, employers are looking for your strengths and accomplishments. Make sure to stick to ones you’ve achieved academically, within the community, from a respectable establishment, or from a previous job. Don’t include accomplishments from high school. 

Extracurricular activities are important to employers and hiring managers. They know it’s crucial for their employees to have good communication skills and to be social, which such activities can demonstrate. It’s also a plus if you’ve held a leadership or managing position within a club or organization. 

Clean Format
You may not think that layout and formatting matter on your résumé, but they definitely do. Employers or hiring managers receive many résumés for any given position, so they’ll discard ones that are too hard to read or look messy. 

Make sure your résumé includes an easy-to-read font and bold headlines. If you’re applying for a job related to design or art, being creative with your résumé is crucial, but it still needs to be easy to read. Ultimately, employers will think a cluttered résumé translates to an unorganized employee. 

Previous Jobs
Since you’re a college student, you may not have a lot of work experience, but you should put down the positions you have held, even if they don’t directly relate to the position for which you’re applying. Even though you may think your job in a restaurant or at a golf course isn’t important, employers like to see that you’re responsible enough to hold employment. They also like to see whether you’ve held a job for an extended period of time or were promoted.  

Remember that you shouldn’t get discouraged if you don’t hear from an employer. Send résumés to all of the job openings you’re interested in holding and hope for the best. Good luck!