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Transfer Checklist: Everything you Need to know before you Apply


Posted on December 12, 2014 by Delaware Valley College.

Whether you’re taking the next step from a two-year college or you’re looking to switch to a different four-year college, Delaware Valley College is an exceptional institution to choose, offering outstanding academics and exciting student life.

It’s important to us to meet the needs of transfer students by providing support, getting to know you, and guiding you along your academic journey. Our transfer coordinator supports all transfer students and ensures they have a general understanding of the transfer process and are comfortable at DelVal. 

It’s common for students to avoid transferring because they’re worried that the process is complicated or requires a lot of work, but we make it as seamless as possible at DelVal so our students can enjoy their college experience and be excited about attending.

The following checklist provides the materials you’ll need when applying to DelVal as a transfer student:

Make sure a minimum of 15 credits will transfer.
A minimum of 15 credits must transfer from your previous institution in order to be considered a transfer student at DelVal. It’s important to look into this before making the decision to transfer because if a minimum of 15 credits don’t transfer, you won’t be considered a transfer student. DelVal accepts up to 78 credits from a regionally accredited institution. 

 Check with your current school about articulation agreements.
If you’re transferring from a community college, that institution may have an articulation agreement with DelVal. This agreement is for a guaranteed transfer process and details specific courses and letter grades completed at the community college that will transfer to DelVal. This agreement helps students create a defined curriculum when they begin their education. Click here to see if your previous institution is one of DelVal’s partner schools. 

Confirm your eligibility for a Transfer Merit Scholarship.
Ninety-eight percent of incoming students receive financial aid, and you may be eligible for a Transfer Merit Scholarship based on your GPA. You have the opportunity to be awarded a Presidential, Faculty, Trustee or Challenge scholarship, which vary in amount based on your GPA.

Come for a Transfer Tuesday visit.
Before applying to DelVal, visit the campus to see if you think the environment would be a good fit for you. DelVal offers Transfer Tuesdays, a campus tour for prospective transfer students. A Transfer Tuesday visit has a lot to offer so potential transfer students can learn more about the college, including being able to talk with transfer-specific information staff, take a walking tour of the campus, have a transcript review and enjoy lunch in the dining hall. 

Be sure to bring a copy of your college transcript with you or fax your transcript ahead of time to 215.230.2968, attention Frances Flood, or email your transcript to

For more information about Transfer Tuesday, click here to visit DelVal’s website. 

After you complete all of the items on this checklist, you’re ready to apply to DelVal! We’re happy to make the transfer process as smooth as possible for all transfer students. To learn more about transferring, click here to visit DelVal’s transfer webpage. It’s important to us that you enjoy your college experience, and we can’t wait to have you at DelVal.