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Top Things Senior Undergrads Should Do Before Graduation


Posted on December 22, 2015 by Delaware Valley University.

Although graduation may seem far away at the start of the spring semester, the next few months will probably seem to fly by, leaving seniors with a myriad of emotions from accomplished to nervous. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by these emotions, look at the upcoming months as an opportunity to prepare for graduation and life after the diploma. If you’re a senior undergrad at Delaware Valley University, it’s important that you do these following things before you walk across the stage.

1. Complete an internship.

Internships are perfect for gaining that real-world experience a little bit at a time, while also finishing up your studies. You’ll learn a lot about the field or industry that you’re looking to get into after graduation, you’ll also have a relevant job to put on your resume that will encourage employers to hire you, and you’ll meet some of your graduation requirements.

Or maybe you’re unsure of what exactly it is you want to do after you graduate. An internship can help you discover your interests and your passions, as well as helping you see what you don’t like or what kinds of jobs are not a good fit for you. 

An internship can help you network and gain contacts in the industry or the workforce that could potentially benefit you during your post-graduate job search. Keep all these factors in mind to gain all you can from an internship. 

2. Build a few resumes.

At your college or university, you have access to plenty of resources that will allow you to create a professional resume that you’ll be submitting to potential employers after graduation. Resources such as computer centers, design programs and career centers will go a long way in crafting a resume that will make employers want to hire you.

DelVal’s Center for Student Professional Development, for example, is the perfect resource to utilize to assist with resume building. The dedicated professionals at this center are committed to helping you find your niche, and resume building is the start of that journey.

If you’re not sure exactly what field you want to get into after graduation, craft several different resumes tailored to each possible direction you’re looking to turn. You may even want to consider making a website, online resume, blog or portfolio.  

3. Finish strong.

It can be easy to see the last semester of college as an excuse to slow down the pace, miss a few classes, and lose sight of what’s most important over the next couple of months. Instead of letting this poor attitude take over your mindset, stay motivated and be inspired as graduation draws near. Focus on your studies, spend time with friends and take advantage of all that your college has to offer while you still can rather than slowing down. 

Graduation is a time to appreciate how far you’ve come and to be excited for all that the future holds. Leading up to this major milestone, don’t forget to think about all that you’ve learned and the memories you’ve made. Click here for more university-related tips on DelVal’s blog.