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The History of the Keystone Cup


Posted on October 19, 2015 by Delaware Valley University.

One of the biggest, fiercest football rivalries is between the Delaware Valley University Aggies and the Widener University Pride. For 34 years, these two schools have battled for bragging rights over the coveted Keystone Cup, which is awarded to the winning program each year. The battle between these Division III football programs showcases some of the fieriest tenacity of the teams in the MAC. 

Each year, football fans in Pennsylvania along with DelVal students gather to watch these two respected programs go at it during one of the biggest games of the year. To prepare you for this year’s Keystone Cup matchup, read on to learn more about the history of the rivalry between DelVal and Widener.

Keystone Cup Overview
The rivalry between the Aggies and the Pride began in 1981. Widener University, located in Chester and DelVal in Doylestown, were two of the premier Division III football program in Pennsylvania, naturally causing a stir between the two teams as to who holds the crown. 

As a result, the Keystone Cup was created and awarded to the winning team, which keeps the trophy, has their name engraved on it and displays it at their school until next year. After 34 years, DelVal has secured the Keystone Cup nine times and Widener has done so 25 times.

Recent Matchups
In 2013, DelVal unleashed a major second half comeback to bring the Keystone Cup home to Doylestown. Despite being down 28 to 17 at halftime, the Aggies rallied with 30 unanswered points, led by then-senior running back Kyle Schuberth’s 235 rushing yards and three touchdowns, to bring home the Keystone Cup with a final score off 50-28. 

Last year, both the Aggies and the Pride entered the Keystone Cup matchup undefeated at 9 and 0, but the Pride would squeeze out a 44-28 win on their home field in Chester. 

This Year’s Battle
As tradition would have it, DelVal and Widener will square off for the Keystone Cup during the last game of the football season. The game will take place at 1 p.m. on Saturday, November 14 on DelVal’s Robert A. Lipinski Field at James Work Memorial Stadium. November 14 also is DelVal’s Senior Day. 

Students and parents are encouraged to come out to support the DelVal football program and take part in another historic battle for the Keystone Cup between the Aggies and the Widener University Pride. As the Pride were the victors the last season, you can cheer on your Aggies as they work to bring the cup back to the DelVal campus.

Division III athletics is just one of the many perks of attending DelVal. If you’re interest in learning more about the university and how it can help to propel your future, you can schedule a tour of the campus to experience what life at DelVal is like.