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How to Take Advantage of your Senior Year at Delaware Valley University


Posted on May 5, 2015 by Delaware Valley University .

Surely you’ve heard that your senior year of college tends to fly by. With job hunting, graduation planning, spending time with friends and preparing for your next endeavor, you’ll certainly have a lot going on. However, seeing that it will be your last year in college, seniors need to take advantage of their final months.

Delaware Valley University encourages seniors to learn beyond the classroom and enhance the broad educational experience that’s in front of them. Read on to find some beneficial ways to take advantage of your senior year at DelVal.

Balance Academics and Social Activities
While senior year is the home stretch for your academics, it’s also one of the last times you’ll be in the college environment with your group of friends. You should focus on finishing your assignments and final projects in a strong manner but also take the time to enjoy the company of your friends and fellow classmates. 

By fully enjoying your relationships with your DelVal peers, you’re enhancing your educational experience and learning more about yourself. You’ll never get back your senior year of college, so try to make sure the only memory you have of it isn’t just studying. College is as much about what happens outside of the classroom as it is about your coursework. 

Thought it’s advantageous to live in the moment during your senior year at DelVal, you also want to make sure you’re thinking ahead as to what’s best for your future. And if you don’t plan on attending graduate school, your next step is finding a job. 

DelVal’s Center for Student Professional Development is here to help you network and connect with professionals in your field of interests. It would be in your best interest to schedule a meeting or stop in during walk-in hours to learn the ins and outs of job searching, career development, cover letters, résumés and interviewing.

Take a Class for Enjoyment
If you find that you’re ahead on your credits and can afford an easy final two semesters as a senior, schedule a class to take just for your enjoyment. DelVal has a diverse course curriculum, and there may be one or two courses that interest you but you’ve never had the time to explore them. Now would be the time to dive into these classes and take advantage of your free time. 

You’ll find that taking a class for pleasure is a much different experience than taking a class for your academic benefit. You probably won’t get the opportunity to take a class purely for enjoyment again in your lifetime.

As your senior year begins, make the most of your final months at DelVal. Spend time with friends, finish strong with your academics and cross off anything that’s still on your collegiate bucket list. Do everything you can to have a productive, enjoyable senior year.

If you’re a senior who’s interested in learning more about graduate school, you can request more information regarding the DelVal Graduate Programs.