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How to Tackle the Most Common Hurdles Faced During your First Semester of College


Posted on October 22, 2015 by Delaware Valley University.

Delaware Valley University students commonly deal with some hurdles during their first semester here. College is a significantly different environment compared to home or high school, and it takes time to adapt to the changes. 

Read on to learn how you can overcome any difficulties that you may encounter during your first months here at DelVal. 

Differences Between High School Courses and DelVal Courses
High school can be extremely easy for some students as they breeze through their classes and earn fantastic grades. However, the level of difficulty in academics changes when you reach the university level. Students who had no trouble in high school may find that their subjects, assignments and tests are much more difficult than they’re used to and that there is a level of independence they need to adjust to. 

The degree of difficulty of your DelVal courses may take some getting used to, so be patient and continue to study hard. And while your professors will treat you as an adult and not as a high school student, reaching out to them for assistance and putting forth a strong effort to master the coursework will go a long way.

You’re Distracted from School Work
Living in a residence hall on a college campus can make it harder for students to settle down and concentrate on their schoolwork. As you make friends, participate in activities and adjust to living on your own, it’s easy to forget about your schoolwork and instead focus on something else, which will ultimately hurt your grades. 

One way to combat this common problem is to develop and stick to a study schedule. Whether you use an old-fashioned planner or a digital option, use it to plan out what needs to be accomplished each day so you can stay on top of your school work and succeed. 

Living away from home can be a huge adjustment for college freshmen. The comfort and convenience of your at-home routine changes as soon as you get to college, and many students miss their homes and their family and friends immensely during their first year as they try to adjust to the changes. 

To help fight homesickness, regularly contact your family via phone, FaceTime or Skype, text messages, or emails. Fill your residence hall room with pictures and items that remind you of home, and keep in mind that this time in your life is just part of your life’s journey. 

While it will take time to adjust to living away from home, if you feel that you need more help doing so, you can always talk to someone at Wellness and Counseling

You can learn more about what student life is like at DelVal when you schedule your campus tour