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Student listening sessions with Dr. Gallo


Posted on February 24, 2017 by Yaaseen Shands '20, DelVal marketing and communications student worker.

Courtesy: Yaaseen Shands '20 DelVal President Dr. Maria Gallo with Yaaseen Shands '20.

Delaware Valley University President Dr. Maria Gallo is a down to earth person and she is also very easy to talk to. As a whole, I appreciate the benefits DelVal offers and all of the efforts that are made to keep the place at its greatest.

There are many efforts in progress to keep the students happy and comfortable at DelVal. One of the best ways of communication is through in-person conversation. This is one of the ways Dr. Gallo uses to remain in touch with the social life and the overall opinions of students.

Dr. Gallo holds listening sessions with multiple student groups. She asks various questions at the listening sessions about how the students are adjusting to campus life and how the University can improve.

Most students have some things they would like to see change and the goal of the listening sessions is to analyze the best ways to fix problems and improve the campus overall step by step. It would be a good idea to attend if you have any problems with anything on campus. It is a great experience being able to talk with Dr. Gallo.