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Social acceptance


Posted on February 17, 2017 by By Yaaseen Shands '20, marketing work study student.

Courtesy: Delaware Valley University DelVal student by Lake Archer on main campus.

One of the most influential elements when it comes to a person's personality and actions is the acceptance of the people around them. The thing about social acceptance is that it is impossible to obtain the level of attention and appreciation from other people that you feel you deserve. Social standards are set by others looking to fit in and also be accepted therefore, these standards are meaningless. It is important for you to learn how to accept yourself because in reality everyone is looking for the same acceptance that you are seeking.

No one person is the same and it is important for people to be different and original. Otherwise, we wouldn't have people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates who revolutionized the world because they had a different way of thinking. You are unique in your own way no matter who acknowledges it. You will only realize it once you accept who you are because regardless of how bad you want to be like everyone else you can't change yourself. No one may ever understand your way of thinking  or, why you do what you do or, even why you like the things you like, but it will always be more fun for you to just be yourself. True happiness in life doesn't come from money or your level of popularity, it comes from the appreciation of yourself and the others who genuinely care about you. When you realize that the small things in life that are taken for granted are the only things that really matter you will look at life in a whole different light. When you realize this,  all of the confidence you wish you had will appear because the fear you once had about being different will be non-existent.